BS80A 1:8 Simple Turnout

BS80A 1:8 Simple Turnout

1.Project overview

  BS80A 1:8 simple turnout consists of main line of turnout and branch line of turnout. Straight line speed 120km/hlateral line speed 30km/h, axle weight20 tons

Turnout include right hand turnout and left hand turnout; consist of switch, frog, and connection parts.

1.1 actual point of switch rail is   to strengthen stock rail stability, reducing extraversion and gauge expansion, set rail brace in the stock rail lateral and special part.
1.2 The frog is assembled fixed frog, guard rail is slit slip structures.

1.3 Under rail, frog and tie plate place rubber pads. 1:40 slope of rail bottom or rail top of turnout.

1.4 Rail head top surface of steel rail parts full length quenched.

1.5 Under the switch rail base using concrete switch sleeper, bolt with type III switch sleeper bolt.

Simple turnouts’ structure is easier than any other type turnouts. Thus it’s convenient to design, manufacture and service and maintenance. Simple turnouts become the most widely used railway basic connected devices.

2. The basic information of project

Speed: Straight line speed 120km/hlateral line speed 30km/h

Turnout gauge: straight line: 1000mm; lateral line: 1020mm

Guard check gauge: Dx961mm

Guard face gauge: Dy924mm

Switch rail: BS80A steel rail

Guard rail: UIC33 groove type guard rail

Tie plate: weld

Rail clip: Pandrol

Bolt: 10.9 grade (high strength)

3.connection information


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